Rainstorm and Praxeum: The Servers

Ancora may be a singing group, but when three of the original members are interested in computers, something else will arise, and not just a LAN party. The Ancora site has been through a few incarnations, its location has changed a few times, and perhaps most importantly, it moved from (several different) shared hosting services to a nice server built out of used parts. (At one point the site was even hosted on a modified Xbox!)

For a long time, the site (and several others) were hosted on this composite computer, dubbed Rainstorm after the first Ancora domain name (rainstorm.homelinux.net). Rainstorm was finally retired in favor of a converted Sony Vaio named Praxeum, which ran Debian Linux and Apache HTTPD.

Finally, hosting for these sites was moved out of the bedroom. They are currently hosted at A2 Hosting. Subdomains of theancora.net are still available to any member of Ancora.

Setting up the Server

Motherboard next to iMac

Apparently it's like
getting an apartment
or buying a new car
I have not done these things.

You take it out
Assemble it piece by piece
Over the course of days
Or weeks
And it begins to grow.

Gradually you learn
how it works
Shape it to fit your own needs
Adapt to fit its quirks.

The server today

Stay up late
solving problems
making everything just right
the way you want it
settling in.

And finally it works
Oh, it's never done
It never stops
But it works
And you have the satisfaction
Of knowing you made something
this thing

The server today

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